Driver Briefing

Vi holder pause i ligaen ,vi vil prøve at starte igen marts 2019

Server kører ind til videre med 60 min pratice  10 min qualifying og 20 min Race 

Alle er velkommen


You just have come and join race it is just for fun race ,every body is welcome

Track: What Real F1 is running
– Server: F1simDK server is online
– Password:
60 min  Practice.
10 min Qualifying
0 min Warmup
20 min– Race
– Auto Shifting
– Traction Control = Low
– Auto-Clutch
– Settings which are not locked in the setup after qualifying.

– Steerings settings
– Fuel Strategy Settings (remember, startfuel is for race)
– Engine (Rev Limit / Enginebrake)
– Brake pressure
– Brake Balance
– Tyres  3 dry and 2 wet
– Frontwing
– Flag Rules: on
– Fuel Usage: normal
– Tyrewear: 2x
– Mech failures: Normal
– Damage: 40%
– Racedistance:
– 20.min
– RaceTime: 19:00
– RaceTimeScale: Normal
– Weather: Temp between  22and 26 degrees and 0% rain chance expected
– Formationslap: off.
– SafetyCar: on

Teamspeak will be online and available for all teams.
It is required to be used by all drivers, however choice of channels are free.
All team will have a dedicated team channel. Personal passwords for this channel can be requested by the teams.
Standard password for all team channels (if not requested): 1111

Access to teamspeak3 server:
Password: mmmm


All drivers are welcome!

Signup for cars for season 2019  will start marts 2019 OPEN!