Driver Briefing

Vi holder pause i ligaen 

Server kører ind til videre med 30 min pratice  10 min qualifying og 25 min Race 

Server vil være oppe i en race weekend fra torsdag aften

Alle er velkommen


You just have come and join race it is just for fun race ,every body is welcome

Track: What Real F1 is running
– Server: F1simDK server is online
– Password:
30 min  Practice.
10 min Qualifying
0 min Warmup
25min– Race
– Auto Shifting
– Traction Control = Low
– Auto-Clutch
– Settings which are not locked in the setup after qualifying.

– Steerings settings
– Fuel Strategy Settings (remember, startfuel is for race)
– Engine (Rev Limit / Enginebrake)
– Brake pressure
– Brake Balance
– Tyres  3 dry and 2 wet
– Frontwing
– Flag Rules: on
– Fuel Usage: normal
– Tyrewear: 2x
– Mech failures: Normal
– Damage: 40%
– Racedistance:
– 25.min
– RaceTime: 14:00
– RaceTimeScale: Normal
– Weather: Temp between  22and 26 degrees and 0% rain chance expected
– Formationslap: off.
– SafetyCar: on

Teamspeak will be online and available for all teams.
It is required to be used by all drivers, however choice of channels are free.
All team will have a dedicated team channel. Personal passwords for this channel can be requested by the teams.
Standard password for all team channels (if not requested): 1111

Access to teamspeak3 server:
Password: mmmm


All drivers are welcome!


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