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    If you wish to join the league, please “apply for a car” using the form on this page – far right in the top menu.

    There are plenty of helpful members, so if you have any questions regarding the league, joining etc. feel free to ask them below.



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    Henrik Holmstrup

    Hi Ludde
    I hope so. We are not many, but its still fun driving F1

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    Ludde Dahlgren
    Ludde Dahlgren

    Hi guys will there be any racing in here?

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    Henrik Holmstrup

    Har lige været 4 uger i Grønland og jeg er klar til at køre noget race 🙂

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    Bjarne Hansen

    Hej Kim
    Jeg har lige skiftet internet udbyder ,skal lige have det op at køre igen
    men om 14 dage håber jeg at have en server oppe at køre

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    Kim Christensen

    Kommerder til at ske noget igen?

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    Bjarne Hansen

    Nice news
    You have join Force India

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    Mikkel Faarup

    Dear admins

    We are excited to confirm that Sid and Mikkel will be stepping into the Force India cars this season (if approved by admins).

    I have to miss the first race in Melb due to attendance in Melbourne (the actual F1 race).

    Force India

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    Bjarne Hansen

    3 teams have free seat:
    Renault 2 seat
    Williams 2 seat
    Haas 1 seat

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